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I Dont find Toxins Inappropriate [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Abby Jean <3

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Issy you talked me into coming back agiann! [Jun. 23rd, 2009|10:12 am]
Abby Jean <3
Okay where do i start, ummm i guess theres sooo much to say what has been going on in the past couple years that i dont feel like writing that much. Sooo ill keep it short and sweet. I love my new booo and my life has been completly flipped a 4-20. <- for the goood yeeeehhaa
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Back agian bitches [Apr. 5th, 2007|09:32 am]
Abby Jean <3
[mood |boredbored]

Im back, i forgot but now i remebered. I love livejournal. i forgot how much i used to write in this. =)

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..... wierd [Oct. 2nd, 2005|12:20 am]
Abby Jean <3

Abby Jean Murchie's Aliases

Your movie star name: Crackers Jack

Your fashion designer name is Abby London

Your socialite name is Abbers Panama

Your fly girl / guy name is A Mur

Your detective name is Kitten Mott Middle

Your barfly name is Chips And Salsa Smirnoff

Your soap opera name is Jean Bennsett Trail

Your rock star name is Snickers Fly

Your star wars name is Abbjer Murjer

Your punk rock band name is The Upset Lighters

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Create a year full of smiles =) [Sep. 15th, 2005|11:32 am]
Abby Jean <3

Well things are just as a suspected....great ... I love living with my dad his girlfriend is starting to get used to me ... shes trying to make conversation somewhat when we talk. I havent even attended school yet but... i just took a test to get into Mott Middle...soo i can be dual enrolled too =) yay. Jer got a new car yesterday its nice....i miss the bird though... Jer and Me have been doing great i mean we get irratated with eachother but 2 secs after were back  a kissing and loving eachother... =) Just to think what the hell we have been though its soo weird... i mean he came down to Florida i cant belive it... im soo happy lalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaa Muah!

I miss linds... xoxo

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Go ahead print Hip-Hop on your forhead... [Aug. 28th, 2005|10:06 pm]
Abby Jean <3
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Sooo this is the deal... i didnt end up coming/driving by myself up here.... my dad flew down.and then me and ryan picked him up from the airport in my car and we drove back to MI ...

Jer and I are perfect we cant leave eachothers side anymore it feels like...I feel like i live at his house sometimes.. lol  Going to school tomm. thats going to be a little insane. Im glad Jackie and Nic are in the alternative =) yay i can talk to someone. Halpins was fun the other night.... shit was crazyyy <3

I would like to talk to my mother...... -xoxo-

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My head hurts so bad its going to fall off... [Aug. 8th, 2005|10:06 pm]
Abby Jean <3

Soo this is what it comes down too.. My Mom tottally broke free today.. it was the WORST by far the WORST day of the entire fams drama issues.. To brake it down.. my mom had a litterally crazy moment... me and ryan HAD to call the cops.. it wasnt like we wanted to but... we had too..she got arrested and was gone.... it happend so slow but the time seemed to pass by like nothing. Me and Ry are here by ourselfs for the rest of the night.

 I love Nelly =) and love Linds and Jer for being there for me too but Nelly was here and experienced everything with us...Shes a great person always in her prayers and shes always in ours =) I have never got so close to someone and became such good friends in a short amount of time. I Love Her <3 

School sucks we are the only white people in it... FUCKERS ...   

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Me and Brentys convo... [Aug. 7th, 2005|06:11 pm]
Abby Jean <3

LiLmurch77 (5:57:19 PM): I be home wensday =)))))))))))))))))))))
Snoop1313 (5:57:57 PM): cuz ur driving like a crazy women
LiLmurch77 (5:58:18 PM): Im sooo excited brent
Snoop1313 (5:58:37 PM): well im happy ur excited but im a lil nervous for ya
LiLmurch77 (6:00:21 PM): yeah everyone is but itll be fine...
LiLmurch77 (6:01:33 PM): So did Sarah ever find out about the instant messages?
Snoop1313 (6:01:42 PM): nope they stopped
Snoop1313 (6:01:47 PM): as far as i know at least
LiLmurch77 (6:02:45 PM): good...i got so mad when you thought it was me brent i was going to beat you up.. and i was having to worst day when you called too grr
Snoop1313 (6:03:11 PM): i was just pissed cuz we didnt even hang out on ur b day
Snoop1313 (6:03:14 PM): so i was like wtf
Snoop1313 (6:03:23 PM): we didnt hang out anytime near ur b day even
LiLmurch77 (6:03:58 PM): we havent hung out at all in the past 347298479 months except i seen you the night before prom..
Snoop1313 (6:04:16 PM): yea i know
LiLmurch77 (6:04:21 PM): wierd..
Snoop1313 (6:04:31 PM): thats why i was pissed
LiLmurch77 (6:05:39 PM): its soo wierd how things happend .. i mean like we wereee soooo close and then we didnt even hang out anymore...and we both kinda went are seperate ways... i would of never even thought of that 3 years ago..
Snoop1313 (6:06:13 PM): i know...
Snoop1313 (6:06:19 PM): but i dont really like ur friends ya no
Snoop1313 (6:06:22 PM): so i dont ever see u
LiLmurch77 (6:07:04 PM): Well yeah... were two completly different people...
Snoop1313 (6:07:25 PM): cuz i mean i sitll see people ur age like jeff slay n some of them
Snoop1313 (6:07:47 PM): but yea
Snoop1313 (6:07:49 PM): we r different
LiLmurch77 (6:07:51 PM): ohh yeah Lindsers is the only person in my grade i hangout with... seriously..
Snoop1313 (6:08:11 PM): torris not ur age?
Snoop1313 (6:08:13 PM): brb
LiLmurch77 (6:08:53 PM): No

Auto response from Snoop1313 (6:08:53 PM): Be Right Back
Snoop1313 (6:10:36 PM): hey i gtg
Snoop1313 (6:10:43 PM): if i dont onlione ill call ya
Snoop1313 (6:10:44 PM): bye babe
Snoop1313 signed off at 6:10:47 PM.

WIERD I dont even kno why i put this on here.... But just to go to show that Brent and I can be loyal friends and talk without wanting to rip eachothers hair out...Were good friends... And Im glad things worked out like this and were both happy and content with who we are with and how everything worked out... Goodluck at Stateee Brenty

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Abby:: The distributor of kindness and adventure =) [Aug. 7th, 2005|05:16 pm]
Abby Jean <3

Everyone has just been soo great to me about leaving.... Either they're praying or want me to call if anything goes wrong. I got most of all my stuff packed and ready to go... =) Lindsay and Jeremy have been the best about it though...Linds is wiring me money for gas and of course im going to pay her back <3

I thought about it last night and Linds and I have been friends forever i mean i have pictures of us when I frist moved to Davison.... hmm they're cute =) were sooo little. We are the exact same though its soo weird... plus are familys use to be close.... I can count on her for anything.... Tell her anything and I kno she will always help me or have the solution. I have seriously never had that before her.... I dont kno i just want everyone to kno that she means more to me than anything and i honestly dont kno what i would do without her..... Im glad Lindsay Liegh is my Bestfriend =) I will seriously never come back to Floridia without her.

Anyways I went to the beach and out to dinner last night with one of my friends from youth group named Nick... hes a nice guy to hang out with... and if any of you are thinking "OMG your cheating on Jeremy!!" .... well im not i would honestly NEVER do that to him I Love him and wouldnt hurt him like that. Nick is a friend and thats as far as it can go... He knows about Jeremy. EVERYONE knows about Jeremy... Hes all i can talk about. Hes all i like to talk about... and i cant understand it.........Well i geuss i can. And today i went to another friends from youth group Grad party everyone was there.... it was nice seeing all of the girls agian i havent went to the church in FOREVER... I miss it....

I miss you Dad =(  See you soon .... MUAH xoxo

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I love my brohemis.. =) [Aug. 6th, 2005|03:52 pm]
Abby Jean <3

My brother has been soo good to me... we have gotten soo close considering we have noone else except eachother all day long. We went to the mall today that was fun Ryan got a shirt that says "Hang out with your wang out." I laughed .. Anyways there hasnt been one day when Jeremyand I  have been bad... I Love how our relationship has lasted through alllll this stuff and when we see eachother nothing has ever changed.... <3 ...... Just talked to Tori Bear.... I Love her.... I Miss Her.... =( i cant fucking wait to see her!!!!!!!! .... and her family.

Note:: Soo today around the house my Mom was in a bad mood..... wierd... Anyways she was making tacos.. and the taco sauce and meat spilled all over the floor and carpet... and she just starts screaming and looking like she was going to cry..... (Mean while...I  am standing 200 ft from her in the living room just watching to see what she does next....) And then she just flipps out and gets mad.... swearing.... i mean fuckin pissssssseeeedddd..... She looks at me.... and goes "I can't do this...." AND WALKS AWAY FROM THE DAMN TACO SAUCE SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!....... You think i wanna pick up and scrub all this taco shit up??? ... HAHA You got to be kidding im thinking? ... Well... Im not the hard ass you may all think sometimes to my Mom.... I did it so she would be nice the rest of the day and not bitch about any other thing....

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Whatchu gunna do with all that hump....all that hump inside that trunk? [Aug. 5th, 2005|08:49 pm]
Abby Jean <3

So i went out with Kirby today.... Hes a nice guy .. Black but nice lol we went out to lunch and he showed me around Lieghi ... which was nice i got a good feeling for the surrounding town around me. Talked to my Dad today all is well THANKGOD... Anyways back to the norm. life.... My mom got mad at me today because i wiped off the knife with a napkin and put it into the dishwasher .... she claims i wasted a napkin... lol someone please tell me how that works? I told her i would pay for it then walked away...

I swear Jeremy trys to make me soo happy and sometimes i just dont get it ... i called him on the payphone a little bit ago and when i talked to him last he was smoking with Jon  and just being wierd.....He's always like Are you sure your going to do this... Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? Why did you spend your money on that stupid stuff?.... and i just want to be like....."SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!"   But i didnt because i care how he feels .... I hung up without saying I love you and Bye.... maybe that will shut him up..... goodness.... And the fact he went over Jarrids last night..... Bothered me i have no idea why...I trust him more than anything. Im just moody i geuss right now and i cant wait to see everyone agian.

I Love You Jer .... <3

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